Zack Stoddard

Unit 13 Director

Why are you running for office?

I grew up admiring my mom’s struggle for nurses’ rights and fair wages. After 35 years of fighting (including strikes), she now advocates on the board of directors for hundreds of thousands of American nurses. Witnessing this has given me a special appreciation for the power of an organized workforce.

What are your goals?

The power of unions is proven for both workers and employers - unions can make for a happy workforce, and a happy workforce is a productive workforce. By showing the state that union goals are good for business, we can make progress together toward fair wages, labor rights, and benefits.


  • HGEA Union Steward
  • Experience in DLIR and DOH
  • Nuuanu/Punchbowl Neighborhood Board member
  • Masters in Public Administration
  • BA in International Political Economy
  • Studied Civil Society and Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Studied Policy Process and Democracy
  • Studied Organizational Management and Behavior
  • Studied Leadership and Professional Ethics
  • Studied Economics and Public Finance