Roberta Chun

Unit 13 Director

Why are you running for office?

I am running for office to bring to the forefront the founding mission of this Union; to guarantee government workers fair treatment. I am optimistic we can develop a training program to educate stewards and employees of their workplace rights. Together we can have a wholesome and productive workplace.

What are your goals?

1. To ensure that your dues are being used to protect your Contract and fair labor laws.
2. To develop a steward and member training center with resources and counselling readily available in times of crisis.
3. To strengthen the employee-agent relationship.


  • HGEA State Board of Director, BU13
  • HGEA State Education and Training Committee Vice Chair
  • HGEA State BU13 Unit Board
  • AFSCME 2014 Women’s Leadership Academy
  • HGEA Oahu BU13 City Agency Council Chair
  • HGEA Oahu BU13 Island Division
  • HGEA Next Wave Haumana Project
  • HGEA Community Action
  • HGEA Political Action
  • AFSCME People MVP