Ken K. Morikawa

Unit 2 Director

Why are you running for office?

I want to be a part of HGEA to make decisions that address critical issues and Unit 02 goals and objectives.

What are your goals?

Getting HGEA the pay we deserve. Negotiate for a better contract for single parents with children so they don't have to work a second job to support their family.



  • District Road Overseer II; County of Kauai; Department of Public works; Highways Division


  • 30-plus years as an HGEA member
  • Unit 02 negotiator for over 25 years
  • Started government service as a civil engineer for the County of kauai
  • district Road Overseer at the Hanapaepe Baseyard
  • Chair, Committee on Charter, Bylaws and Resolutions 2015-2017