Douglas Pyle

Oahu-at-Large Director

Why are you running for office?

When tourism and budget surpluses set records, Employer offers zero raise and higher health costs! It’s time political leaders recognize our worth. With my legislative, board and negotiations experience, I’ll continue advocating for the mutual benefit of all HGEA members. Together we can win fair wages, benefits, and working conditions.

What are your goals?

  • Support leaders who recognize public workers’ worth
  • Protect jobs against privatization
  • Improve HGEA media message
  • Counter political attacks & takeaway bills
  • Support HGEA negotiating teams
  • Protect pension and employee benefits
  • Reduce employees’ insurance cost — pass law allowing EUTF arbitration
  • Defend collective bargaining rights
  • Hold endorsed politicians accountable
  • Responsible dues stewardship


  • Chair, Negotiations Team BU13.
  • Vice Chair, Democratic Party of Hawai’i (2014-16 — opposed HHSC privatization)
  • Steward BU13 (since 1999)
  • HGEA Board of Directors (2011-13)
  • HGEA Oahu Political Action Committee (multiple terms 2003-17)
  • Chair, Democratic Party Labor Caucus (2 terms), shared leadership with Jackie Ferguson-Miyamoto-BU3 (Vice Chair); Vera Struba-BU4 (Secretary)
  • HGEA Charter, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee (3 terms since 2007)
  • Vice Chair, Community Action Committee (20 11-13)
  • Unit 13 Secretary (2 terms: 2011-15)
  • Unit 13 State Board (4 terms, 2007-15)
  • Democratic National Committee member, participated in AFSCME’s DNC network (2014-16)
  • HGEA Elections Committee (2013-15)
  • Charter member: DNC Labor Council (2015-16)