Angie K. Hashimoto

Unit 3 Director

Why are you running for office?

Let’s “BUILD” Relationships MEMBERS Value!
*PASSION: “HGEA Strong Activities!”
*To advance educational, social and economic welfare for
“ALL Members!”
*TRUST: Gaining support & cooperation amongst membership. units,
and leadership
*UNITY: Together, let’s STRIVE towards building a STRONG.
dedicated team of leaders working for our members!
*VALUES: “Members’ Lives Matter!”

What are your goals?

My ultimate goal is building “PRIDE” in our Membership! I’m committed in educating and sharing union experiences; helping build morale and union involvement! I bring awareness of HGEA and contribute to the purpose of Unions for Members! To meet/help Members in being Hawaii’s largest union achieving great member accomplishments!


  • 2015-2017 Oahu “PEOPLE” Committee Chairperson
  • 2013-2015 Oahu “Community Action Committee” Chair
  • 2002-Present “Union Steward,” King Intermediate/Kapunahala Elementary
  • Present (C4) “Castle Complex Community Council Committee” Member
  • 2016 ”AFSCME Study Tour”at AFSCME International Headquarters
  • Past Oahu “Community Action Committee” Member
  • Past Oahu “Member & Benefits Committee” Member
  • Past "DOE School Community Council Committee (SCC)” Member
  • Past “Educational Assistants’ Association”(EAA) Windward District - Vice President
  • Past “Educational Assistants’—Teacher Institute Day Seminar” - Organizer/Volunteer