How does the Retirees Unit work?

The Unit is organized as a representational form of government on both island and state levels. Each island elects officers and appoints committee chairpersons to plan and conduct activities for their specific island chapter. All four chapter Presidents sit on the Retirees’ State Board of Directors, along with 10 other elected members (Oahu-6, Hawaii-2, Maui-1 and Kauai-1).

The Retiree Biennial Assembly allows members statewide to meet every two years, to act on resolutions that guide the Unit and its officers. During the assembly, a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected from among the fourteen board members, each serving a two year term (no term limits). The Retiree State Board of Directors is responsible for policy decisions affecting the organization, they ensure proper execution of the bylaws and also recommend the appointment of the Executive Secretary. In addition, the Retirees President sits on the HGEA State Board of Directors and has a vote on issues/concerns that affect all HGEA members statewide.