Voting Information 2024

Cast your ballot in the upcoming primary election. Remember, this is an all-mail election — ballots will be mailed in mid-July, and you need to mail back your completed ballot right away to ensure your vote will be counted.

Primary: Saturday, Aug. 10
General: Tuesday, Nov. 5

Vote by Mail FAQs

(From the State of Hawaii Office of Elections. For questions or more information regarding voting by mail, please contact the Office of Elections.)

Q: What is Vote by Mail?

A: Act 136, SLH 2019 implements all elections be conducted by mail. The law removes using polling places where voters cast their ballots on election day, and instead a ballot is automatically mailed to registered voters.

Q: How do I vote?

A: You must be a registered voter to receive a ballot. Your Clerk’s Office will prepare and mail your ballot packet approximately 3 weeks before the election.

Once you have voted your ballot, simply place the ballot in the secrecy envelope ensuring your right to secrecy, and then place into the return envelope. Be sure to sign the return envelope. A return envelope without a signature will not be counted.

You may return your voted ballot: by mail, or in-person at a designated place of deposit. All ballots must be received by your Clerk’s Office by 7 PM on General Election Day. Postmarks do not count!

Q: What if I didn’t receive my ballot?

A: Ballot packets are mailed to all properly registered voters will receive ballot in the mail by October 21. If you do not receive your ballot packet, contact your Clerk’s Office.

Q: What if I make a mistake on my ballot?

A: If you make a mistake, misplace, or damage your ballot, you may request for a replacement ballot with your Clerk’s Office.

Q: Will my vote still count if I did not vote on all measures and/or candidates?

A: Yes, your ballot will still be counted.

Q: Can I change my mind after I’ve returned the ballot?

A: No. Once you return your ballot and is received by the Clerk’s Office, it is considered cast and you will not be able to receive a new ballot.

Q: Why do I have to sign the return ballot envelope?

A: Your signature on the return envelope enables election officials to verify you as the voter.  The signature you provide on the return ballot envelope is verified against the signature on file in your voter registration record. If you do not sign your return ballot envelope, your ballot will not be counted.

Q: How can I receive my ballot if I’m on vacation or away at college?

A: If you will be away from home during the elections, you can request your ballot be sent to an alternate address. Complete an Absentee Ballot Application and submit it to your County Elections Division no later than 7 days before the election.

Q: Can I still vote in-person?

A: Voter Service Centers offer in-person accessible voting and voter registration, and are open 10 days before and on Election Day. Locations and hours will be announced closer to the election.