2018 Legislative Session Home

2018 Legislative Session Opening Day: January 17

What do we do?

The state Political Action Committee (PAC) is responsible for the HGEA legislative program. Legislative measures supporting the wants and needs of the union membership are solicited from the general membership at every opportunity throughout the year, ranging from the deliberations of the General Assembly, to the distribution of input forms to the members. These proposed measures are then screened by the state PAC and sent to the Board with recommendations for approval. The executive director and staff are responsible for lobbying at legislatures and with the governor & county mayors to enact the union’s legislative package.

2018 Legislative Priorities

Your State Committee on Political Action, chaired by Unit 3 Director Jon Gasper, anticipates continued attacks on labor and public employees. After careful review and deliberation, they recommended the following, which was approved by the Board of Directors as the organization’s 2018 Legislative Priorities:

Other priorities may be added during the legislative session.