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Media Campaigns

Anthony Earles, Unit 13, Police Evidence Specialist, Maui

Barbara Joy, Unit 2, School Food Services Manager, Oahu

HGEA debuts new ads for media campaign: “What drives us is the same as what drives you”

Look out for HGEA on TV! Two new commercials, which began airing on Labor Day, Monday, September 2, 2013, continue the theme of HGEA’s media campaign that highlights HGEA members as vital public workers and valuable community members.

The 30-second TV spots, developed by local advertising agency Core Group One, feature two HGEA members in their occupations – one of police evidence specialist Anthony Earles (Unit 13, Maui) and another of school food services manager Barbara Joy (Unit 2, Oahu). Each TV spot includes “slomo” (slow motion) scenes as well as quick shots showing them at different tasks of their job, with their voices speaking of their drive to be good workers and good community members.

The commercials communicate that HGEA members are part of Hawaii’s larger community and are driven by the same values many people in the workforce share – to work hard on the job, to provide for their families, to be positive role models and to support the community in which they live.

Mall sign ads, which appear at shopping centers on Oahu, Big Island, Maui and Kauai, were developed to support the TV commercials. They feature HGEA members as well.

When HGEA began its media campaigns in 2002, the intent was to build public awareness of the vital services that government employees provide to our communities. Oftentimes, these services are taken for granted and it helps to remind everyone, including our lawmakers, of the positive contributions that public employees make every day. HGEA has tracked the effectiveness of the ads since it started its media campaigns. Results of public awareness surveys have shown that with each new media campaign, favorability of government employees has steadily increased.

Behind the scenes: Making of HGEA ads

View the video clips and photos below for a behind-the-scenes look at these commercials.

Police Evidence Specialist

School Food Services Manager

Mall signs

Bus signs

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