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An Update for the HGEA Managerial and Confidential Employees Chapter (Excluded Members)

In May and June 2008, the HGEA Managerial and Confidential Employees Chapter (MCEC) conducted Island Division meetings throughout the state. Announcements included an introduction of the new MCEC union agent - Michelle Kunitake; the retirement of Russell K. Okata and appointment of Randy Perreira as HGEA Executive Director; the election of new MCEC officers; and suggestions for new member recruitment were discussed, along with the importance of calling HGEA the day an incident occurs.


As of June 30, 2008, the MCEC Statewide Board of Directors and Island Division Officers for 2006-2008 ended their terms. We would like to thank President Wade Hiraishi, Vice-President Ricky Watanabe, Secretary Charlene Ohta, Treasurer Dennis Schwind, Board Members Lester Oshiro, Eileen Torigoe, James Richardson, Sarah Ann Ulep and Kurt Muraoka for doing a wonderful job during the past two years. Their last meeting was held on June 14, 2008.


Below is a list of the newly elected MCEC officers. Their term is from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2010.

  • Kauai Island Division: Chair Ricky Watanabe, Vice Chair Dee Morikawa, Secretary Rose Bettencourt
  • Hawaii Island Division: Chair Lester Oshiro, Vice Chair Wes Suwa, Secretary Sandy Nakano
  • Maui Island Division: Chair Dennis Schwind, Vice Chair Morris Haole, Secretary Ethel Goods
  • Oahu Island Division: OID Chair Wade Hiraishi, OID Vice Chair Kurt Muraoka, State/Judiciary Council Chair James Richardson, University of Hawaii Council Chair Eileen Torigoe, Department of Education Council Chair Charlene Ohta, City and County Council Chair Sarah Ann Ulep

The new officers met on September 6, 2008. They elected a Board of Directors; assigned board members to statewide committees; and discussed new member recruitment, communications with the HGEA MCEC members and the 2009 Biennial MCEC Convention.


Following are the elected Board of Directors members:

  • President: Wade Hiraishi
  • Vice-President: Ricky Watanabe
  • Secretary: Charlene Ohta
  • Treasurer: Dennis Schwind
  • Board Members: Lester Oshiro, Eileen Torigoe, James Richardson, Sarah Ann Ulep and Kurt Muraoka

And the following Directors were appointed to these statewide committees: Council of Presidents Wade Hiraishi, Statewide PAC Denny Schwind, Oahu PAC Wade Hiraishi, Kendall Scholarship Fund Charlene Ohta, Community Action Kurt Muraoka, Charter and By-Laws Eileen Torigoe, Member Benefits Sarah Ulep.


Please welcome our new 2008-2010 HGEA MCEC Statewide Board of Directors and Island Division Officers! We look forward to another successful two years for the MCEC Unit! Mahalo!


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In an effort to keep all MCEC Unit members well-informed, we request that you:

This will help ensure that our MCEC members are up-to-date with the latest union and benefits news. Thank you for your cooperation!

Posted on September 22, 2008
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